holas!, me llamo Rubén, soy de concepción (Chile), actualmente tengo 18 años y estoy estudiando ingeniería civil (civil a secas, sin apellido >:c) en la hermosa udec c:
de vez en cuando toco guitarra o bajo, a veces salgo en bici a relajarme en la naturaleza
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Abandoned farm home outside of town. There were 8 cars left there (The blue one pictured has a pitch fork in the windshield). There was still toilet paper in the bathroom, and pictures littered the counter. The basement wall had caved in and I couldn’t really go down there. All the mirrors and windows were broken, everything was left there. I have no idea what happened.

man nosiness like this is what gets niggas killed in movies you saw help carved into the fucking wall and still kept nancy drewing your little ass around that demon portal